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Mechanical & Irrigation Solutions, Inc., also known as MIS, was founded in 2008, by Jas Thiara. Jas is a visionary and he saw the need to develop a company that provides solutions for developing time efficient services that will streamline the way modern day farming is done.

Jas Thiara started out by offering consultation services for farmers in the Yuba-Sutter area. His diverse experience and knowledge in farming, construction, engineering, heavy equipment operation/maintenance and understanding of the requisite time frames that must be met made his advice invaluable and profitable. Along the way, he discovered there was no singular location for farmers to get all the equipment and services they needed.

To fulfill this increasing demand, he opened up a true resource for not just irrigation needs, but every other related agricultural and manufacturing requirement. Not only does MIS have all the necessary small parts on hand, but Jas and his team have the capabilities to fabricate specialized equipment and parts as well.

When you walk into MIS, you won’t receive the stock advice of a big box store. Jas offers personalized, professional advice and the phrase “it can’t be done” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. True to the form of the company logo, a square peg in a round hole, Jas finds solutions to the impossible with a creative and unique approach.

His philosophy is based on the concept that expense should not always be the first concern. Time is extremely valuable and you can’t get it back. The more efficient the equipment is, the more time you save overall. This motivation drives Jas to build and manufacture reliable equipment and processes that exceed the needs of farmers, rather than simply meeting general standards.

Becoming more eco-friendly is also important, especially in today’s world, and this is why MIS offers grinding services for trees. Instead of creating more waste, they find new methods to use these resources.

Mechanical & Irrigation Solutions has everything required to push and rip trees, grind, and do every other piece of agricultural work, including ground prep. They have the equipment to dig trenches as small as 2″ wide to as large as 36″ wide. Jas will personally walk farmers through the entire pricess of not only planting trees, but painting, staking, and installing sprinklers and irrigation systems. To help with weeds, MIS is building their own brand of strip sprayer and mowing system as well.

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